India trip October-November 2017

Udaipur town

Meditation and yoga retreats

The most remarkable Ashrams and centers of spiritual culture in majestic India

The trip includes 2 time periods of 8 days
each one

1st Period
Where we will come into direct contact with yogic culture and the Yogic way of life.
We will also visit some cities and special rejuvenation centers through Ayurveda’s ancient healing techniques.
A journey of spiritual experiences and unforgettable exotic beauty.
Trip includes the sacred sites of Rishikesh, Haridwar, and the great sacred feast of Kumba Mela, Varanasi, Deogar, (gods adobe), and Mungeer town where the International University of Yoga is located.
Yoga Univercity

2nd period

At the same time there will be a visit to the famous area of Rajasthan
Udaipur town

Cost includes:
Airline tickets,
Travel with special tourist jeeps,
Hotel accommodation fees.-